3,388 films will feature DAD, I’M SORRY – Vietnam’s official entry into the 2022 awards season


Southern California-based film distribution company 3388 Movies will present ‘for your consideration the comedy / drama Dad i’m sorry, Vietnam’s official entry into the international feature film category for the 2022 Oscars.

Papa I’m Sorry is co-directed, co-produced and co-written by acclaimed Vietnamese actor Tran Thanh, who also stars (Ba Sang) in the film. By the way, he has an impressive 18 million followers on Facebook. Dad, I’m Sorry is the No. 1 box office of all time in Vietnam and the first Vietnamese film to surpass $ 1 million at the US box office.

Watch the trailer below!

Dad I’m sorry transports us to the soul of the back alley of Saigon life through Ba Sang, a chronic intruder whose heart is too big for his own good. Flanked by a hyper-dysfunctional family, Ba Sang sacrifices himself on a daily basis to preserve the precarious balance between his intimidating siblings and his rising YouTuber son. When family cracks are shattered, Ba Sang slips into a predicament that threatens to tear his family apart. The film is a freshly endearing and meaningful story about entangled family dynamics that masterfully portrays the specific complexities of Asian cultures, patriarchy, and family obligations.

Media critic Marc Ang comments, “I predict this film will give consistently successful Korean artists a run for their money. Korea has made a name for itself in world and American cinema, but Vietnam, through this film, has masterfully portrayed the specific complexities of Asian cultures, patriarchy, and family obligations in a heartwarming, cliche-less feature film that can grab your attention as the strongest moments of Squid Game. It was a great team effort with directors Vu Ngoc Dang and Tran Thanh himself, and a great cast – a crown jewel for Vietnam and the foreign genres and comedy and drama. “


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