A family affected by the Covid spared a house by bike 1000 km


On July 19, under a blazing sun, four people on two bicycles wearily walk to a Covid-19 checkpoint in Ninh Phuoc district, central Ninh Thuan province.

When they stopped to make medical statements, staff learned that the family had come from Dong Nai Province in the south and were heading to their hometown in central Nghe An Province.

The four were Vo Thanh Binh, 28, and her mother, 51, sister, 30, and young nephew.

Five years ago, they moved to Dong Nai Trang Bom District to work in a factory. But the Covid-19 outbreak over the past two years has made things increasingly difficult until in April of this year they could no longer find jobs.

On July 9, Dong Nai Province ordered two weeks of social distancing. Residents are required to stay in their homes and only go out for certain things, such as buying food or medicine or working in factories or businesses that are allowed to open.

Until the night before departure, the family struggled to decide whether or not to stay, but ultimately decided to return to Nghe An.

Binh said VnExpress July 19: “I carried my mother and my sister carried her child. We were biking at a very slow speed. On average, we traveled 30 kilometers per day. They had then traveled about 300 km in 10 days.

Binh said his family ate and slept on the streets. Along the way, people who learned about their situation helped: some gave them food and fruit, others gave money, and the people in charge of the Covid-19 checkpoints carried out screening and other protocols as easily and quickly as possible so that they can continue their journey life.

Officers at the Chung My checkpoint in Ninh Phuoc district gave them 1 million VND ($ 43.44) and lots of food and drink.

Binh said, “During our trip, I began to realize that my family was not in the worst of situations. At least my family has bikes for traveling. We saw many other people walking long distances home carrying heavy backpacks.

The family still had 1,000 km to go, which could have taken 40 more days.

Fortunately, officials from the Chung My checkpoint also shared their story online, and soon some people met the family on the street, drove them to Thap Cham train station in Ninh Thuan Province, and bought cars. tickets to return to Nghe An province.

On July 20, they were tested for Covid, and their train is at noon the next day.

“My family is extremely grateful for the help of benefactors,” Binh said.

With the Covid raging in Saigon, many workers there too have left in recent days. Many localities organize transport to bring their inhabitants home.

Like Binh and his family, no matter how difficult the journey, many seek to return not only because it is difficult to make a living, but also because a place called home beckons.

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