Assoc. Vietnamese residents is launching in Kumamoto prefecture in Japan.


Le Thi Tram, head of the Vietnamese Residents Association of Kumamoto Prefecture, at a ceremony marking the launch of the group, in Kumamoto’s Chuo district on April 24, 2022. (Mainichi/Yuki Kurisu)

KUMAMOTO — An association of Vietnamese nationals living in Kumamoto Prefecture has been launched to facilitate interaction and information exchange in their community.

There are approximately 6,400 Vietnamese residents in Japan’s southwestern prefecture, including students at Japanese educational institutions and technical trainees. They constitute the largest group of foreigners in the prefecture. The association will offer advice on daily life and work to Vietnamese residents, and facilitate exchanges with local compatriots.

Le Thi Tram, 44, a resident of Kumamoto’s Chuo Ward and an adviser for foreign residents in the city, was appointed as head of the association. She previously launched a network of Vietnamese residents in Kumamoto prefecture on social media in October 2021, and the group later distributed food to Vietnamese in need due to the coronavirus pandemic. It also provided opportunities for informal meetings by organizing sports matches and other events. The association is designed to energize these connections.

The about 50-member association will also provide information on COVID-19 and provide spaces for Vietnamese children born in Japan to learn Vietnamese.

At a ceremony marking the group’s inauguration on April 24, Le Thi told attendees, “I would like to make this association an important place for our community by connecting Vietnamese residents in Kumamoto Prefecture.

(Japanese original by Yuki Kurisu, Kumamoto Office)


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