Ban on migrant workers from Philippines and Vietnam to be lifted on Tuesday


Taipei, Feb. 14 (CNA) Taiwan will lift its entry ban on migrant workers from Vietnam and the Philippines on Tuesday, in addition to those already permitted from Indonesia and Thailand, but employers will be required to follow a series of revisions to COVID-19 control measures, the Department of Labor announced on Monday.

Under the new rules, arriving migrant workers will be allowed to stay in quarantine hotels instead of the currently required government quarantine facilities.

In addition, employers will be required to cover the accommodation costs of the 14-day mandatory quarantine and migrant workers an additional 7 days of self-health management are required to undergo when entering Taiwan, according to the ministry.

However, the ministry will provide grants covering 50% of the cost of quarantine and self-health management for employers of migrant workers under the social welfare category, with grants capped at NT$1,250 (45 $.87) per day per worker.

In addition, the government will also pay for Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing at the end of the quarantine period, but employers are required to meet the costs of field services and transport incurred by dispatched personnel. by testing institutions in quarantine hotels, according to the ministry.

Employers and migrant workers will also need to comply with relevant disease prevention and control measures.

Under the new measures, migrant workers must be fully vaccinated before being allowed to enter Taiwan.

Employers must notify the local government of the hotel within its jurisdiction where a migrant worker is to spend their 14-day quarantine period and 7-day self-management period.

According to the new rules, after the end of the 14-day quarantine period, migrant workers must undergo seven days of self-care in the same hotel before being allowed to go to their place of work.

Upon arrival in Taiwan, migrant workers must take a PCR test and will receive a free COVID-19 rapid test kit before leaving for a quarantine hotel.

Arriving migrant workers must also take a PCR test on the 13th or 14th day of their hotel quarantine period, depending on the rules.

On their 20th or 21st day at a hotel, migrant workers must take a rapid test, while employers must help confirm the results and upload the data to the Ministry of Labor Entry and Departure website. foreign work.

Employers are required to register data and information about arriving migrant workers on the website, including their nationality, date of entry, flight number and who will pick them up at the airport, the official said. ministry.

Migrant workers can be allowed entry between three and 30 days after registration, he added.

Other data that must be uploaded for arriving migrant workers includes information on quarantine hotels, vaccination certificates, COVID-19 insurance documents and PCR test results, according to the ministry.

Taiwan banned the entry of all foreign nationals without residence – including migrant workers – last May following an unprecedented spike in domestic COVID-19 cases.

However, Taiwan has slightly relaxed border restrictions from late last year to allow migrant workers from Indonesia and Thailand to enter due to the two countries’ greater willingness to cooperate and adhere to COVID-19 rules. 19 from Taiwan.


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