Bandit9 The Supermarine Motorcycle Release Information


When it comes to designing innovative, powerful and stylish motorcycles, arguably no one does it better than Bandit9 – a Saigon-based motorcycle imprint and run by Daryl Villanueva. Some of the brand’s signature designs so far include the L-Concept and the Odyssey, and it has now officially unveiled its latest offering: the Supermarine motorcycle.

Design-wise, the Vietnamese motorcycle entity shaped the futuristic-looking machine with a body that mimics the appearance of bouncing Mobula rays, and its frame is designed to mimic that of a coral reef. Some of the most striking features to highlight here are the chassis formed from an extremely light and durable 7075 aluminum construction, cast aluminum alloy wheels and a custom LED display. There are two variations of the bike: the Stealth Class or the Carbon Class, the latter being the next level version featuring a 6-speed gearbox, 2-into-2 titanium exhausts and 3 ft-lbs of couple.

You can find more information about the bike here, and note that all Bandit9 motorcycles are made to order.

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