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IWith the aim of continuously providing actionable insights and relevant data and analysis for your reports on the Transportation and Container Logistics industry, Container xChange presents a monthly update for editors, writers and observers of industry in order to delve deeper into global and regional trends. level in the industry.

Global trends:

• Highest CAx values, exceeding 0.90, implying that outgoing containers are lower than incoming containers at a particular port in a particular week (week 40)

• Huangpu, China

• Dallas, Texas, United States

• Chicago, United States

• Chittagong, Bangladesh

• Dammam, Saudi Arabia

• Memphis, Tennessee, United States

• Sinés, Portugal

• Bangkok, Thailand

• Felixtowe, United Kingdom

• Savannah, Georgia, United States

• The lowest CAx values ​​in September are as follows in all ports in the world, as these ports have been exporting a large number of containers for an extended period.

• Ningbo, China

• Shekou, China

• Yantian, China

• Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia

• Algeciras, Spain

• The highest average pickup fees for one-way container rentals are seen in China (ranging from $ 2,000 to $ 4,500), indicating the increasing difficulties exporters face in shipping the box from China. to be able to do so for the Christmas shopping season.

• The values ​​of the container availability index in Europe again exceed those of China. After a drop in container availability in week 36, the availability is increasing again. A trend that should continue to rise in the coming weeks. The pressure on northern European ports, such as Hamburg, Antwerp and Rotterdam, is now so high that container availability has exceeded that of Chinese ports. While Chinese ports currently have an average CAx value of 0.59, the Northern European average is 0.74.

• Trading Information – See below for a list of the most expensive and cheapest containers available on our marketplace in September.

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• Rental Information – See below for a list of the locations with the highest / lowest pickup fees and free days on our container rental platform in September.
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Regional Updates –

China –

1. The port of Shanghai continues to show congestion, because the CAx (container availability index) systematically shows higher values ​​(double what it was in 2019, before the pandemic, 0.56 in 2021 , 0.48 in 2020, 0.33 in 2019). Most carriers are now trying to add capacity outside of China to the United States to make more money.

2. The average price of a 20ft dry container dropped at Ningbo Port (trade data – from $ 2,860 in August to $ 2,631 in September), while in Shanghai the average price of 20ft dry containers increased from $ 2,631 in August to $ 3,161 in September)

3. Average pickup fees for one-way container rental averaged $ 2,791 in China in September. Many of our customers prefer to buy a container on our platform and move their freight to e.g. EU / US and then reposition it from there to China using our platform.

4. Ports in China (namely Ningbo, Yantian and Shekou) in recent weeks have consistently lowered their CAx values, which means ports are exporting huge numbers of containers compared to inbound containers. However, there are more containers entering Yantian Port than last year at this time of year (CAx 0.31 in 2021, 0.06 in 2020, jump 5X)

5. If you have freight in China: Getting containers in China and Asia will cost you a higher price, simply because of the current market. This applies to both the one-way rental and the purchase of a box. As demand overshadows supply, prices inevitably rise.

If you want freight to China: then you might have a golden opportunity at your fingertips. Despite the slower handling of containers in many European ports, you have a better chance of getting your hands on some metal boxes. This is regardless of whether you buy them or rent them. However, if you rent a container, container owners will pay you money to bring their boxes back to Asia on certain sections.

Vietnam –

6. A massively high level of CAx values ​​at the port of Ho Chi Minh City is recorded compared to the last two years. Almost 6X compared to last year and 3X compared to 2019, pre-pandemic period. This shows that the general level of inbound containers has increased and imports are higher and / or exports have been affected for a long time. (0.16 in 2020 and 0.90 in 2021, while the pre-pandemic level at week 40 was 0.37)

7. Container Availability Index (CAx) – Hai Phong is witnessing an increase in the number of incoming containers, resulting in higher CAx values, 3 times higher than last year at the same time.

8. Business Outlook – The average price of a 20ft dry container at Haiphong Port has increased from $ 2,400 in August to $ 2,080 in September. However, at the port of Ho Chi Minh City, average prices for the same box climbed to $ 2,500 in September from $ 1,792 in June.

India –

9. Record high CAx values ​​of containers at JN Port, India (Nhava Sheva) this year at week 40, CAx values ​​at 0.84 (0.49 in 2020 and 0.62 in 2019). The general trend in India at this time of year was a drop in CAx values ​​in the last few years before the start of the pandemic, due to the increase in the number of outgoing containers before the holiday season. However, in the three main Indian ports (Nhava Sheva, Chennai and Mundra), the CAx values ​​are on average 3 times higher than the values ​​of 2019, which was the pre-pandemic period. This shows either that there are more containers entering India compared to previous years, or that there are more blank departures than ever from India.

10. The average one-way rental container pickup fee in India, which was next to nothing in January 2021, has now hit $ 400, up from $ 350 last month. This shows the increasing difficulties for exporters to take boxes out of the country compared to last year.

11. Trading Insights – The average price of a 20ft dry container for trading in India is $ 2407. A jump of 18% from May of this year. For a 40-foot dry container, average prices jumped to $ 3,597 in September, an 11% jump from May of this year.


12. CAx values ​​consistently hit 0.90 and over in New York City, showing that imports are consistently higher and outbound containers lower than inbound ones.

13. Long Beach continues to face congestion problem, CAx values ​​at record high


14. Average 40ft dry container prices at the Port of Rotterdam increased 29.5% from May to September

15. The CAx values ​​are on average double in 2021 compared to last year in the ports of Antwerp and Hamburg in September, which implies more containers entering these ports.

Commentary on the Global Container Logistics Industry –

“We are seeing a slight / marginal decline in container trade prices in a few places like Ningbo, but the larger trend in ports is that prices are steadily increasing across the world. CAx values ​​suggest that there is likely demand for containers at almost all of the ports we monitor. Blank starts are on the rise. The situation will only stabilize after the end of next year according to our forecasts.

“The containers processed on our platform are growing at a very encouraging rate, reflecting the increasing adoption of digital by the container logistics industry to face an unprecedented period. The key to efficient operations is a well-planned movement of containers. said Dr Johannes Schlingemeier, co-founder and CEO of Container xChange.

“The container logistics industry has been driven to embrace digital technology for the past 18 months. The pandemic has caused astronomical price spikes and a complete collapse of the global supply chain. The otherwise traditional container logistics industry had no choice but to find alternatives to finding containers, cutting costs and avoiding blank starts. XChange’s customer base has tripled over the past 18 months and this is just the start of digitization for many container logistics companies. We anticipate more value than we can create in the times to come as the market will take longer to recover and adjust to normality. Said Christian Roeloffs, co-founder and CEO of Container xChange.

Container xChange is a technology company, an online platform that brings together all players in the container logistics industry to buy, sell and lease shipping containers. More than 800 companies such as Kuehne + Nagel, Seaco or Sarjak use our neutral online platform to gain market transparency, avoid demurrage and detention costs and increase their flexibility. Covering the entire transaction process, from finding new partners to container tracking and payment management, Container xChange makes using third-party equipment and now container trading as easy as booking a hotel. Founded by Dr Johannes Schlingmeier and Christian Roeloffs in 2017 and based in Hamburg, Germany, the company today has more than 150 employees. Container xChange recently acquired, the leading market for tank container rental and trading, further strengthening the company’s position as a leading neutral supplier for shipping equipment.
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