ELON EATS: Saigon + Combined Fried Rice = Success


Vietnamese Saigon Noodle & Hibachi was a place I was waiting to get my hands on their cuisine. Just a 10 minute drive from Elon University campus, I was delighted to grab take out at this Asian restaurant. They offered classic Vietnamese dishes, from Pho noodles with prawns to Hibachi filet mignon. Saigon had no idea that they would be my first experience trying Vietnamese food.

I ordered shrimp and Hibachi chicken which was more of a meal than I expected as it included sides and white rice. The food was freshly grilled and the chefs cooked the shrimp and chicken to the right temperature. The meal was accompanied by a bed of white rice placed under the meat and a side of noodles and vegetables. While the rice could have been less fat and the noodles could have had more flavor, the meat was perfectly cooked and made every bite tasty.

Unfortunately, the egg rolls were a disappointment. The egg rolls contained steak and veg, but I could barely taste the steak and the flavor reminded me of flowers.

The combination of fried rice was the restaurant’s flagship dish. There were shrimp, Chinese pork sausage, eggs and vegetables. I was never a fan of the cut vegetables in fried rice, but they really did get the dish ready and I made sure there was no bite left. The rice was not filled with oil compared to the white rice, and I felt full and not overloaded. The rice was not greasy or pressed and left you feeling full but not overly stuffed. The meat used in the dish was unique, but made the fried rice stand out compared to other rice dishes I have ever had.

I would give Vietnamese noodles and Hibachi from Saigon a 7/10. While the Hibachi Chicken and Shrimp and Fried Rice combined received a rave review from me, the egg rolls and tasteless sides could have been filled with more flavor. The welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant and the fantastic service also added to the excellent take out experience I had.

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