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Riot Games today announced the first-ever inaugural season of the Wild Rift SEA Champions 2022 which starts from February 25 in all respective regions. The competition will span Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The best teams from each region will do their best to become the champions and win a grand prize.

First-ever season of Wild Rift SEA Champions will feature teams from last season Wild Rift SEA Icon Series, and newly qualified teams that are competing at the highest levels so far. The teams of Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong (known as the WCS Masters), will play in local competitive leagues for five weeks in a best-of-three regular season double round robin.

We’re excited to announce the teams participating in WCS 2022 as Riot continues to shine a light on mobile gaming and our investment in mobile esports. These WCS teams have proven their utmost dedication to succeeding in the league, featuring players who perform at the highest competitive level in the region. Fans can look forward to some jaw-dropping matches this season as teams take on old rivals and do battle against new faces.

Chris Tran, Esports Manager for Riot Games Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau

Wild Rift SEA Champions 2022: format and participating teams

Tournament format and playoffs

The top six final teams will then advance to the WCF Qualifiers which will take place from April 1-10. The WCF Playoffs will determine the WCS Champions and three other top teams, who will compete against other top teams in the world at Wild Rift Icon World Championship will take place in Europe this summer.

Invited teams from last year’s WCS Championship will face the newly qualified team to retain the title and once again remain the region’s champions, last year’s champions SBTC eSports said the team will train hard to defend the championship and also focus on building an ecosystem for competitive esports in Vietnam.

Participating teams

The SEA region is full of top and qualified eSports organizations that have made their mark on the global stage. This year WCS will see many top teams return to the battlefield to rise to the top and earn that ticket to compete in the World Championship. G4 (EVOS), Hamaz (TS) and Kiral (SBTC) are all heading to WCS to fight for the top spot and become the undefeated champions this year.

Image via Riot Games

WCS will feature 2 invited teams and 6 qualified teams across all regions.

  • Masters (Hong Kong & Taiwan): ONE Team, Flash Wolves, TQQ Esports, MESPORTS, QWQ, PVP, LFD, FTG
  • Indonesia: MBR Gamma, BOOM Esports, Echo Fortius, Persis Esports, Le Cheval Noir, Pasopati Esports, Papa Gaming, Cursed Moon
  • The Philippines: Team Secret, FENOUIL Adversité, LF Adoption, Rex Regum Qeon, Cerebrum Wildrift, Sunsparks, GrindSky Esports
  • Malaysia and Singapore: Sem9, Reach the Peak, Upcar Esports, Team Watermelon, TODAK, PathSeeker
  • Vietnam: SBTC Esports, MDH Esports, Team Flash, Cerberus Esports, Saigon Phantom, Royal Palace Esports, AS Esports, The Legendary Ganker
  • Thailand: EVOS Esports, Buriram United Esports, INVATE Esports, Lynxeno, Alchemy, Oxygen, Mercenary New Generation, Arctic Fox

The qualified teams for the WCS Singapore and Malaysia regions and the Philippines regions will be announced shortly.

Wild Rift SEA Champions 2022: Prize pool and where to watch


WCS All Regions will feature all invited teams and qualified teams in a best-of-three regular season double round robin for five weeks to test teams thoroughly and give the best teams a chance to compete. qualify for the playoffs.

Not only the playoff ticket, but WCS in all SEA regions will have a prize pool of $100,000 From where the winner will receive $20,000 and the rest of the prize pool will be divided among the other teams.

Where to watch Wild Rift SEA Champions 2022

Wild Rift Champion South East Asia will stream in all regions in English and regional languages ​​starting February 25 on the official Riot Games YouTube channel, Twitch, and Twitter handle. Users can keep up to date with all the information about WCS by following social media handles or visiting the official website.

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