Home vaccine against Covid-19 has not yet been removed (ministry)


Nguyen Ngo Quang, deputy director of the science, technology and training administration of the ministry, said that although the vaccine produced by Nanogen has undergone two phases of clinical trials and has shown high immunogenicity, the sample size was still too small to fully establish its protective effect. effects.

Authorities have yet to receive data on how the vaccine could reduce Covid-19 infection rates or its severity. In addition, experts should also assess the immunogenicity and effectiveness of the vaccine on the 36th, 45th and 56th days after the second injection, he said.

“As such, the Ministry of Health does not have enough data and scientific evidence to approve Nanocovax for emergency use at this time,” Quang pointed out.

While the ministry still supports companies in the research and development of their own Covid-19 vaccines, they must meet safety and efficacy standards before they can be approved for emergency use, he said. added.

On Tuesday, Ho Nhan, chairman of the board and managing director of Nanogen, the Vietnamese company that produces Nanocovax, said he submitted a proposal last week to approve his emergency vaccine to Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, but have received no response.

Vietnam is currently developing four national vaccines against Covid-19: Nanocovax from Nanogen, Covivac from the Institute of Vaccines and Medical Biological Products (IVAC) and two other vaccines from the Vaccine and Biological Production Company No. 1 (Vabiotech) and the Center for Research and Production of Vaccines and Biologics.

Of these, Nanocovax is considered the most promising candidate, having entered its third phase of human trials with around 13,000 volunteers. More than 1,100 volunteers have been vaccinated so far.

Nanogen said its Covid-19 vaccine has a 99.4% rate of producing immunogenic responses. Its expected price would be 120,000 VND ($ 5.21) per shot.

Vietnam is aiming to obtain 150 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine this year from various sources to cover 70% of its population. Its ongoing Covid-19 vaccination campaign has so far inoculated more than 1.5 million people using the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The country has approved several Covid-19 vaccines from abroad for emergency use, including Sputnik V by Russia, Pfizer / BioNTech by the United States, and Sinopharm by China.


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