Leonard Cohen Estate Posthumously Releases Black-and-White Video for “Puppets”


Leonard Cohen Estate Posthumously Releases Black-and-White Video For

New music video for Leonard Cohen’s “Puppets”, which originally appeared on the artist’s posthumous studio album in 2019 Thanks for dancing. This music video was directed by Daniel Askill, who also created the visual for “Happens to the Heart”. According to a press release, Askill worked closely with Cohen’s son, Adam Cohen, on the project.

“Puppets” is a simple yet visually stunning video, as a young boy wearing a vintage costume and old-fashioned 1940s hat walks down an alley, his face obscured by shadows until he walks in. in the light. This presentation matches the lyrical material of the song, as Cohen likens humanity to puppets, recalling events such as the Holocaust. At the end of the video, the child immolates himself, recalling the infamous photo of a Buddhist monk burnt down in Saigon.

“This video for Puppets grew out of a wonderful ongoing dialogue with Adam Cohen,” Askill explained in a press release. “It’s in some ways a darker counterpoint to the first film we made for ‘Happens to the Heart’. Shot on location in New York, this film follows the symbolic journey of a single figure through darkness to transcendence. In many ways, this visually indicates the idea that Leonard often conjures up beautifully in different ways – that the darkness and light of our experience are deeply intertwined – and perhaps on a fundamental level, they are in fact one. one and the same thing.

Many musicians have taken over the legendary singer-songwriter in recent years, with Nathaniel Rateliff and Aimee Mann hosting renditions of his classics in recent years. Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour covered “Bird On A Wire” and “So Long Marianne” last spring.



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