Mount. Aerial animal book editors ready to purr again


by Len Lear

When the west mount. Airy resident Susan Russell, who herself has six cats, and her business partner Lucy Noland launched their publishing house, Archimedes’ Printing Shoppe & Sundry Goodes, in late 2019, they had no way of knowing, of course. , that infirmity The coronavirus pandemic was just around the corner like a snake, waiting to strike. (When I asked the duo, “Do you mind if I ask how old you are,” said Russell, “we like to think we’re ageless!”)

Russell, was previously director of Chicago and Philadelphia Municipal Animal Shelters – ACCT Philly – in their efforts to save lives. Writer, lawyer, animal advocate and volunteer, Russell is also the author of the award-winning book “A Ruff Road Home: The Court Case Dogs of Chicago,” and has self-published three children’s books: “Shelter Dog Kisses,” ” We can’t go, we’re bears ”and“ Mr. Bird and Mr. Cat: How are you! “

“But we’ll be honest,” Russell said last week. “It’s not easy to promote books during a pandemic. No book signings. No appearance. We’ve taken a break from tough promotions, and now that we’re “maxxx vaxxxed,” two hits and over two weeks later, we’re getting ready to get things going again. We will be focusing on local stores and independent bookstores as our small collection of books and products grows.

“We believe there is a market for fun children’s books on Return to Trap, Neutral, the most innovative and humane way to deal with community and feral cat populations, so we will continue to publish them. books ! Lucy would like me to tell you that she thinks our ‘Gata Unbound’ is truly a book for all ages.

“It’s available now on our website, and we’ll start with a book signing and fundraiser for Mac’s Fund in partnership with Morris Animal Refuge on July 22 at the Philadelphia Brewing Company!” The amazing people at the brewery are big cats and actually run a colony of cats. Kaity Lacy, our wonderful artist, is currently illustrating Volume 3, Book 5. ”

Russell was born in Nova Scotia and raised in St. John’s, Newfoundland. “My dad was a gendarme, so we moved a little bit but not a lot. My roots are firmly rooted in the rocky soil of Newfoundland, however … I had some pretty incredible experiences growing up in this beautiful and rugged province. I love nothing more than singing old Irish songs while holding a glass of whiskey, and I strongly suspect that I might be an old Irishman reincarnated.

Anyone who has watched the 10 p.m. news program on Channel 29 will recognize Noland, a native of Saigon, Vietnam, who was a presenter on Channel 29 for five years until June 2019. Her television work earned her Emmys , Golden Mics, Edward. R. Murrow and AP Broadcasters as well as awards from humanitarian organizations.

The Noland / Russell Company was born when they realized at the end of 2019 that they were both great storytellers, that they both loved animals and had advocacy in their DNA. So after a few glasses of wine or more in a vegetarian restaurant, they defined the concept of the series “Gata Unbound” and the characters, especially the cat stars. Following this, the writing began.

“Then we decided to create a small publishing house. We not only launched the ‘Gata’ series, but also the ‘A-holes’ series about the actual antics of a pig, rooster and dog, all of which happen to be very endearing a-holes. … Our first book in the series, “A-holes Need Love, Too” has a little something for everyone. “

After the presidential election last November, the publishing duo felt that “A-holes Need Love, Too” was a good book for friends and family on both sides of the political spectrum to treat themselves to. “We always recommend it,” said Russell, “not only as a fabulous bathroom read, but as a comedic balm to turn off the heated conversations at the dinner table. The first ‘A-holes’ book went off. went well but encountered the same obstacles as our first book ‘Gata’ (pandemic). We are delighted that the second book in the series, “For the Love of A Holes”, is coming soon. And like the first book, these stories are based on real life events on a farm in New Jersey. ”

When asked if they were vegetarians, Russell replied wryly, “Yes, but let me clarify: all the vegetables we eat have been raised and slaughtered cruelty-free. “

For more information, visit On the website, in addition to books, you will find many t-shirts, cards and other items related to animals. Len Lear can be contacted at lenlear @ chestnuthilllocal, .com


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