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Choice T1 versus G2


Predictions T1 vs G2

Underdogs G2’s chance to shred pre-tournament favorites

Fans licked their lips in anticipation. This is one of the matches referred to as “the clash” of the titans. This offers T1 a chance to pull one over GE Esports, who beat them at the Major in 2019. That said, G3 was third after the Rumble Stage and won the tournament as well.

They would gladly suffer defeat if history repeats itself and they win MSI 2022. But at the planning stage, teams think differently. Next Friday, G2 will plot as much against T1 as against any other team.

They know and everyone knows that despite a favorable record in T1, the odds are stacked against them. This is their chance to upset the T1 apple basket and thumb their noses at pre-tournament predictions.

G2 has had a good run so far. With the exception of a match against EG where they nearly lost after a period of dominance, the rest of their matches went as planned. They’ve shown a tenacity in coming out of corners against the toughest teams, and their young players, like rookie botlaner Targamas, have stepped up to support more established ones like Flakked. It bodes well for them.

Brokenblade has also rediscovered his magic touch, so they are slowly picking up speed. Caps and Jankos, the veterans who were part of the team that beat T1 in 2019, will be looking to channel the magic of three years ago to replicate the same. It is a difficult task but not impossible.

The proven formula of T1

T1 is an impressive winning streak. They have won a stunning 26 games in all competitions and haven’t lost a streak since the start of the 2022 season. If that doesn’t mean outright dominance, what does? The start of the game was very impressive.

You get the impression that they are robotic in what they do – process driven, know what to do when and there is a method to their craziness. It’s a pattern that works for them and they rarely deviate from it; logic being why fix something that isn’t broken.

Top laner Zeus has been a quiet performer with Faker, the team’s standard bearer for a long time. Gumayusi and Keira were the stars they knew. Their way of stopping opponents is what separates them from others. G2 can hardly afford to be weak at first. It will be a fascinating matchup either way.

G2 vs Royal never give up the choice


G2 vs Royal Never Give Up Predictions

Can G2 overcome the fatigue factor?

Emotionally, physically and mentally, G2 will have to be right, as the nature of the format and draw pits them against a champion team hours after facing another champion in T1.

Regardless of how the first game ends, this game will set up the G2 tournament. If they defeat both T1 and RNG, they will have a turbo start in their bid to qualify for the finals. G2 have managed an unbeaten 20-0 scoreline so far in the competition.

That they did so with a younger squad bodes well for their future. That said, their group performance was superb, but on some level they were expected to top Order and Evil Geniuses. So it is, in many ways, a real challenge.

Non-dissuasive technical disqualification for RNG

RNG has managed to get to where it is now, despite some technical shortcomings. They started the group stage with three wins, but those matches were called off due to a ping issue due to playing from Shanghai. They had to replay every game.

It may or may not have worked for them. But by killing every opponent that came their way, they finished the group stages undefeated and brought with them the promise of more. Globally. RNG has beaten G2 twice in five games.

Evil Geniuses vs Royal never give up the choice


Evil Geniuses vs Royal Never Give Up Predictions

EG Follow a predictable path

There has been an air of ruthlessness towards Evil Geniuses, especially against smaller teams. Last week they beat Order for the third time at this year’s MSI to qualify for the Rumble stage. The biggest concern, however, was their results against G2, who won all of their group stage games to get this far with an 8-0 record. In comparison, EG only had a 50% success rate. That means it’s the G2 advantage right away.

Last week they lost in 39 minutes to G2 but quickly bounced back from the loss to pass ORDER in just 23 minutes. EG surged to a 10k gold in 15 minutes and held that position to finally secure a comfortable victory. So they showed a tendency to be able to bounce back, but against an opponent who is at the same skill level. Can they do the same against RNG, who are the overwhelming favorites going into this matchup?

RNG rises above adversities

RNG surged to a 6-0 rout to top their group. In doing so, they showed how adversities were not going to stand in the way of their ultimate goal. It could have been so easy for them to be frothy to be denied three wins because games had to be replayed.

It’s another thing for them to have accepted it and then forcefully outplay their opponents like they did to prove a point.

That’s enough indication that they’re hungry enough to go all the way. In many ways, their approach in this game may well be dictated by the outcome of their previous game. Like EG, RNG will also play back-to-back, which will be a real test of their mental reserves.

PSG Talon vs Saigon Buffalo Pick

PSG heel

PSG Talon vs Saigon Buffalo Predictions

Hanabi’s rise mirrors PSG Talon’s rise

This one is really close to calling. This comes as both sides have been delivering outstanding results lately. PSG Talon had an amazing 2021. The year was studded with a stunning 35-1 win-loss record in the spring and summer. This included a fabulous run at MSI last year where they not only made the final four, but also won a match against the eventual RNG champions.

Despite all this success, it seemed quite unrealistic that they had managed to achieve this. A year later, they are looking to dethrone RNG and win the title. But to get there, they have work to do.

Their growing stature is no coincidence. Top laner Hanabi’s excellence gave them a transformed look. He has three World Championships and three MSI appearances under him – and at this point, experience is the biggest currency.

At 21 he may be a youngster but the experience has made him a seasoned veteran who adds a new dimension to an already explosive outfit. It is time for him to have the same level of success at the international level, something that does not exceed him.

Saigon’s move to be giant killers

Saigon Buffalo are very different from their 2019 avatar. They are no longer the timid team that did well in local tournaments and faltered on the big stage. They have now become the standard bearers of the Vietnamese scene. Three years after beating G2 not once but twice, they’re looking to grow from giant slayers to a cohesive team capable of winning big titles.

The big advantage they’ve had so far is continuity. All of their players have so far only played for Buffalo. They reunited in 2021 and are still going strong. The team stood by them through thick and thin. This is their opportunity to repay faith.

Saigon Buffalo vs Evil Geniuses Choose

evil geniuses

Saigon Buffalo vs Evil Geniuses Predictions

Again, this one is an exciting match that could be decided in one decisive round of the game, because in terms of skill, experience and matchups, they are almost on the same level. So expect a lot of punches and counter punches.

Saigon did superbly well in coming out of a group where they faced the rampaging T1, but by outclassing DetonatioN FocusMe they showed that they were no longer child’s play.

That they had to beat DFM multiple times to get out of the group is something they knew and their manner of execution in each of those games proved their intent and execution. Along the way, they single-handedly put VCS back on the LoL map as the first generic region.

EG Overcoming the grip of the G2

For a while, all EG heard was how they could get the most out of G2. That they face a different opponent, for a change, should be a soothing prospect. For a team that has been the target of G2’s onslaught the way they have, this can be deflating.

Thanks to EG’s confidence and pedigree, they’ve managed to stay relevant and have moved past the upheavals they’ve faced along the way. It is no longer a technical battle, but a mental battle. And EG rose to the challenges to flex his muscles against the other sides. They are slowly accelerating the way they are known.

Predictions PSG Talon vs T1


PSG Talon vs T1 Picks

PSG Talon’s chance to fight without pressure

Among Friday’s biggest mismatches is the final game to close out the day. PSG Talon know they are by far the outsiders entering the clash. In some ways, when no one expects you to win, it can be a great opportunity to channel the free spirit you’re meant to play with when the stakes are high. It could free them from mental cobwebs and help execute plans better.

So it will be a test of PSG Talon’s resilience and how they handle the underdog tag. Will they be blown away or will they rise and fight?

Expect T1 to maintain dominance

How does a team approach a match they know is about to win? Are they trying to give opportunities to a new set of players? Will they kill? Are they trying to develop young players in pressure scenarios?

T1 could ponder that and more, but given they’re playing back-to-back, there’s little time to really ponder. All told, they currently seem like an unstoppable force, but a mistake at Rumble Stadium could set them back and end an enviable streak.

The defending RNG champions are waiting to pounce on the mistakes of their competitors, so there is very little room for T1 to maneuver even if they are in excellent position. They are the third team after RNG and G2 to achieve a perfect course during the MSI group stages. Expect this race to continue for the time being.

How to watch the MSI

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