Photos Age of the week, April 22, 2022

Photos Age of the week, April 22, 2022

Photos Age of the week, April 22, 2022

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Mithaka Aboriginal Corporation chief executive Josh Gorringe said traditional owners must be properly consulted about the impact of fracking. He opposes fracking because he fears it will damage the river system and destroy the city.

Credit:Jason South


The Anglican Easter Mass was delivered by the Very Reverend Dr Philip Freier at St Paul’s Cathedral on Easter Sunday. A giant “Gaia” art installation by Luke Jerram hangs above the altar.Credit:Paul Jeffers


Robot, paper, scissors: Joe Blanck with the robotic arm he helped design for Melbourne Knowledge Week.Credit:Chris Hopkins


Dalby farmer Zena Ronnfeldt says her land began to sag after Arrow Energy drilled wells at the edge of her property.

Credit:Jason South


Emergency service workers respond to a hot air balloon that landed on an apartment building in Elwood. Credit:Joe Armao


Rob Simpson, owner of Simpson Aeroelectrics, at Moorabbin Airport. Moorabbin Airport has been accused of crowding out aviation users and downgrading its working airfield capacity in favor of commercial development.Credit:Simon Schluter


Audrey Husband uses Boroondara aged care services and worries about a move to private enterprise. Credit:wayne taylor


Jason Robins Photography – Shanika Hawthorne – 0447 587 513 – RRR Residential Service, 8-10 London Rd, Wodonga AGE NEWS April 20, 2022. Shanika Hawthorne (pronoun they/them) has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. They told us about the long waiting lists to see mental health professionals around the country and the lack of services for what is called the missing middle – mental health issues that are more serious than depression and depression. ‘anxiety. Photo: Jason RobinsCredit:Jason Robin


Reservoir mother Alicia Hopgood, pictured with her 23-month-old son Fletcher, said she had paid close attention to the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority’s National Quality Framework assessments, but found that the ratings had been done in 2016 and 2018, so they “meant nothing”.

Credit:Chris Hopkins


Collingwood and Essendon captains Scott Pendlebury and Dyson Heppell along with Pat Lipinski and Ben Hobbs at the press conference ahead of the ANZAC matchday match. 20 April 2022. The Age News. Pictured: Eddie Jim.


St Ali Coffee Roasters managing director Lachlan Ward says the price of a cup of coffee will continue to rise.Credit:Simon Schluter


Some COVID 19 rules need to be lifted, including removing mask-wearing, which will improve working conditions in the restaurant industry. Executive chef at King and Godfree in Carlton, Matteo Toffano is eagerly awaiting the changes. April 20, 2022, The Age news Photo by JOE ARMAOCredit:Joe Armao


Dr Anna Vasiliki Karapanagiotou with the Sphinx statue at the Melbourne Museum exhibition: Open Horizons – Ancient Greek Journeys and Connections.Credit:Eddie Jim


Jenny Le, manager of Saigon Street Eats in Carlisle st Balaclava, can’t wait for the Victorian government to lift restrictions on mask-wearing for hospitality workers. AGE. PICTURE: PENNY STEPHENS. TUESDAY 19 APRIL 2022Credit:penny stephens


Climate activist Anjali Sharma is part of a generation of young activists driven by the urgency of warnings that the global tipping point is approaching and governments are not responding. Credit:Luis Ascui


Matsumoto chef Mark Gu has to stay flexible as supply shortages mean key sushi ingredients, such as sashimi, are often unavailable. Credit:Simon Schluter


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