Plain Talk: Despicable DeSantis and the despicable Florida politician | Dave zweifel


The Wisconsin delegation had been assigned to the famous and pretentious Doral Country Club, a complex of five immaculate golf courses, some of which regularly hosted PGA events. It was miles from the convention center, the same place that is known today as Trump National Doral.

My fond memories of Florida were the heat and humidity, the bugs and the not always pleasant smell. It helped me understand why the Spaniards in 1819 made an agreement with Secretary of State John Quincy Adams to give the entire peninsula to the United States for free.

But I digress. My real problem with Florida is that it’s a state that caters to so many unscrupulous people. Florida politicians learned long ago that they could capitalize on wealthy Americans determined not to pay income taxes. So while much of the state’s urban areas grapple with poverty, the enclaves of the wealthy bask in tax-free bliss.

Many of them made their fortunes in states that raised taxes to support good schools and services for their children, but now they’ve moved to Florida with no income tax. Let those not-so-lucky stiff workers take care of the next generations.

As far as they are concerned, the government is nothing but evil unless, of course, it has distributed disaster relief to restore them after the last hurricane or to maintain the necessary funds. to their Medicare coverage.


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