SACE signs a new contract in Ho Chi Minh City


A partnership agreement with the International School of Business, University of Economics will allow its new Scotch College Australian Grammar School to provide SACE.

The collaboration with Vietnam’s only fully-fledged Australian school marks the first time the certificate will be offered in Ho Chi Minh City.

“With SACE, we offer a world-leading Australian education program, and it is the certificate of choice for many students in the region due to its sophisticated assessment model,” SACE said council chief executive Martin Westwell.

“We offer a student-centred qualification that enables them to thrive at university and in life.

“With SACE, students learn to think and apply their judgment and knowledge to successfully resolve complex and unfamiliar situations.”

“The SACE program is innovative and designed with a high level of flexibility to unlock the potential of each student”, added the dean of the International School of Business at the University of Economics and President of Scotch College Australian Grammar School, Tran Ha Minh Quan

“This is a great opportunity for our talented Vietnamese students to be raised in a thriving academic environment, helping them pursue their dream journey to enter top universities around the world.”

Success also gives graduates an “international passport” that opens doors to top universities in Australia, the UK, the US, Canada, Malaysia and Singapore, the partners noted.

“Commitment to education is arguably our longest and most enduring relationship and will continue to be a cornerstone of our relationship,” said Australian Ambassador to Vietnam Robyn Mudie.

“The SACE International program provides an important opportunity for young Vietnamese students to access a high quality Australian pre-university program in Vietnam.”

The partnership is an “exciting development as it will facilitate an international learning environment for Vietnamese students as the world becomes increasingly digital,” said Rebecca Ball, Chief Commissioner for Trade and Investment at the Australian Commission. trade and investment.

“Australia remains a preferred destination for Vietnamese students”

“Australia remains a popular destination for Vietnamese students and an increasing number of them are studying an Australian qualification in Vietnam.”

Over the past nine months, SACE has announced initiatives with schools in Malaysia, Sri Lanka and more recently Taiwan.

Speaking at IHEF 2022 in March, Phil Honeywood from IAEA said, along with issues around reputational damage during Covid-19 and a drop in the number of Chinese students, Australia is hampered by its lack of matriculation certificates.

The UK, Canada and the US are enjoying “incredible growth” in international secondary schools, he said.

“We now see that Australia has half a dozen competing matriculation certificates for Years 11 and 12. We don’t have a single Australian Certificate of Secondary Education,” he said .

“Of the more than 700 international high schools in China, only 49 teach an Australian state-based grade 11 and 12 matriculation certificate.

“What that means is that in terms of recruiting advantage, [UK, Canadian and US] universities have a much better pipeline of international high schools, not just in China, but in Vietnam and other Indo-Pacific countries compared to Australia. And that must be a good thing for recruitment for post-secondary studies in the UK in the future.


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