Synchrony Car Care™ allows customers to “charge” electronic vehicle (EV) recharges


Adding electric vehicle charging to its growing list of features builds on the already robust utility of Synchronized car maintenance, which lets consumers pay for almost everything their vehicle needs to keep it moving. In addition to more traditional purchases like parts and service, gas, tires and oil changes, customers can use the payment solution for parking, car washes, public transport, rental carpooling, tolls, auto insurance and more.

Today’s news comes as electric vehicles are gaining popularity. According to US Department of Energythere are currently more than 45,000 public EV charging stations and around 115,000 charging ports in United States. Last month, the Biden administration announcement that would almost $5 billion available to build a nationwide electric vehicle charging network, particularly along the Interstate Highway System.

Additionally, regional alliances of utilities, charging station builders and government agencies plan to build thousands of charging stations between cities.

“We see motorists looking to use their electric vehicles for everything from local errands to family vacations across the country,” said Curtis Howe, CEO, Home and Auto, Synchrony. “Synchrony Car Care is committed to helping consumers adopt these transformational vehicles, which herald a new era of sustainable transportation.”

Increase momentum
As a dedicated payment solution for both planned and unplanned car expenses, Synchrony Car Care is increasingly accepted by over one million car dealers nationwide. The no-annual-fee, no-fraud-liability credit card has quickly become a preferred payment option for consumers’ auto care needs as Synchrony expands its network of in-store and online auto dealers.

About synchronization
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