“The Western Fiasco”


Islamabad: In an explosive portrayal of American military misadventures, Hang Nguyen and Jamal Qaiser illuminate the global mechanisms of power that unleash the machines of war with unprecedented candor. Elucidating the proxy tragedies of the contemporary world, “The Western Fiasco” is an incredible attempt to unravel the superpower logic and intrigue behind proxy wars. Questioning the political somnolence of the United Nations, the authors also evoked the engines of peace, the relevance of the Western bloc and international institutions while deploring the persistent suffering of civilians. Beautifully explaining the extension of superpower rivalry in Afghanistan, Syria and the Ukrainian theater of war, it argues for humanity’s right to peace under international law.

The heart of the argument lies against unbridled, covert and overt military interventionism in the name of geopolitical designs. With historical precedents, it also highlights the fundamental flaws of the international system of collective security, the lofty ideals of international disarmament and the settlement of possible disputes between States through an arbitral tribunal. In a haunting tale of epic catastrophe, he recounts the inauspicious culmination of terrorism in a murderous adventure in Afghanistan, a misapprehension of the country’s social and political environment, while comparing Kabul 2021 to Saigon 1975.

Raising doubts about WOT’s raison d’etre, “The Western Fiasco” phenomenally constructs the case against botched Western efforts to inadvertently fuel more terrorism, arguing that the Western bloc has bequeathed to terrorist organizations active in the international level of advanced weapons from US stocks. Calling it an inevitable consequence of heavy-handed internationalism, it deals with new waves of refugees and the ensuing discord in Europe.

By calling the Syrian quagmire a “little world war”, he elucidates the conflict of great power interests in the Syrian theater of war, the division of the UN, the implosion of terrorist tendencies and the apocalyptic humanitarian crisis in the ravaged country. by war. It further demystifies the paralysis of the UN in the context of the Syrian cauldron due to the diametrically opposed interests of the various stakeholders involved in this protracted civil war.


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