Travel column with Katie Butler: Austria and Vietnam have become the latest countries to announce the end of Covid-related entry restrictions


Katie Butler writes: Sunny weather on Saturday definitely helped put customers in the holiday spirit. It was definitely a “sunny Saturday” for us.

Still no change from Spain!

As restrictions in Europe and even around the world continue to ease, we hoped that Spain might consider allowing unvaccinated travelers to enter the country with a negative test. However, news on Monday confirmed that Spain will continue to ban unvaccinated adult holidaymakers who have not recently recovered from Covid for at least a month. Unvaccinated children aged 12 to 18 must have a negative PCR test. There are no restrictions for children under 12 years old.

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Austria has lifted all Covid travel restrictions. Photo: Adobe

Austria and Vietnam have become the latest countries to announce the end of Covid-related entry restrictions, meaning you will no longer be required to show proof of vaccination status or present a negative Covid test result .

How long is my NHS Covid Pass – it says it expires this month?

The NHS recently announced that it has extended the validity of NHS barcodes to six months, replacing the previous 30-day validity. It started on May 12, so if you ordered your pass before then, your pass will still have a 30-day expiry date. If you order a new one or download it from the NHS app or NHS online, your expiry will now show six months validity if you order it after May 11. You no longer need to order or download a Covid pass every 30 days which is a huge improvement and makes it much easier for passengers who are lucky enough to have multiple holidays or are staying longer.

I’m traveling to Portugal and need a test before travelling, what if my test is positive and I can’t fly?

Some destinations and most cruise lines may require proof of a negative test before travelling, regardless of vaccination status. If you test positive before travelling, you will not be able to proceed with your holiday plans and will have to either change your holiday dates or cancel the booking. You may be able to change your dates depending on who you have booked your holiday with. If you have to cancel your vacation or it’s the only option you have, that’s where your travel insurance comes in. When you buy travel insurance, make sure it covers cancellation . Most insurers now include cancellation cover if you catch Covid, but it’s best to check before buying the policy.

Last week it was late deals with June being our best selling start month taking a whopping 20% ​​of our total bookings. Busy airports don’t seem to put you off, and our weekly rounds of calls to returning customers are still pretty mixed, with most letting us know the airports haven’t been bad at all.

However, I will be able to report firsthand when I take my first overseas trip this year early next month… watch this space!

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