Vietnam Drops Coronavirus Testing Requirement For International Arrivals


Hoping to travel to Vietnam this summer? The World Health Organization recently shared its up-to-date global outlook on COVID-19. WHO’s data provides evidence that continues to support the epidemic theory that COVID-19 is receding into the background. The data shows clear trends that both the number of cases and deaths on a global scale are reducing.

Studies suggest that vaccines are still one of the most effective defenses against future variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Vietnam is the latest territory to join the growing list of countries that have gradually relaxed anti-pandemic measures. Most felt by business and leisure travelers, the requirement for COVID-19 testing for entry is no longer a necessity.

Current COVID-19 situation in Viet Nam

The number of new cases in the country specifically has decreased continuously since March 15, 2022. The number of severe case transfers and the number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 has also decreased, and the overall coverage of COVID-19 vaccines is high. With this data in hand, the Vietnamese Ministry of Health has decided it’s time to reduce restrictions and reopen the borders of Vietnam, a country heavily relying on the tourism industry for a large sum of its gross domestic product.

Vietnam will drop its pre-departure testing mandate just in time for summer. Photo: Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam has experienced lengthy periods of drastic implementation of solutions for flexible control over the COVID-19 epidemic. The country is desperate to rebuild its aviation industry and tourism-heavy economy after two long years of battling COVID-19. Hanoi-based Vietnam Airlines accumulated a loss of almost 1 billion US dollars since the pandemic began. Recovery is firmly on the horizon. The flagship airline is back flying to most of its pre-pandemic destinations and is in hiring mode again.

Vietnamese government‘s rationale behind the decision is to maintain a successful campaign of control measures. Simultaneously creating favorable conditions to promote socio-economic recovery activity is key. Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh directed to suspend the requirement to test for COVID-19 before entering Vietnam from 0:00 on May 15, 2022. However, it remains unclear if the country continues to require COVID insurance with a minimum coverage of $10,000.

Are you traveling to Vietnam soon?

There is one crucial political aspect of travelers must keep in mind when going to and from various countries. It’s not just a matter of the requirements of the intended destination; the original departure or return country also has its own guidelines for travelers returning from specific geographies. This particularly varies if the countries are outside of political alignments. The majority of EU countries have very similar travel rules keeping movement around the bloc relatively straightforward.

Is Vietnam on your bucket list? Photo: Boeing

Of the many departments in the Vietnamese government, none are more important than The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The Ministry of Transport where post-COVID tourism growth is concerned. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible to direct Vietnamese agencies abroad to notify people wishing to enter Vietnam to comply with current requirements on epidemic prevention. The Ministry of Transport on the other hand directs airlines to implement epidemic prevention and control measures on means of transport according to the guidance of the Ministry of Health. For the latest information regarding travel to Vietnam, budding travelers should directly consult these sources.

Is Vietnam at the top of your bucket list? Have you already been there? Do share your stories in the comments.


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