Vietnam reports COVID-19 outbreaks linked to ‘underground’ karaoke bars in Nghe An


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The Nghe An Health Department in Quynh Luu District reported several outbreaks this week linked to “underground” karaoke bars.

Image by citypraiser from Pixabay

The four outbreaks were linked to Karaoke 68 (Quynh Chau commune), Bich Que Karaoke (Cau Giat town), Quynh Minh Karaoke and Song Mo hotel (Quynh Yen commune) which resulted in dozens of cases among employees and guests.

The authorities are investigating. Quynh Luu District has not allowed non-essential services to operate, including karaoke. These stores operate “underground”.

Assoc. Professor Duong Dinh Chinh – Director of Nghe An Health Department pointed out that Quynh Luu District should lead relevant communes, towns and units to seriously implement the country and province leadership in prevention and prevention. epidemic control. COVID-19[FEMALE;Itisnecessarytobeflexibleandproactiveindevelopingscenariosandepidemicpreventionandcontrolplansaccordingtotheactualsituation[FEMININE;Ilestnécessaired’êtreflexibleetproactifdansl’élaborationdescénariosetdeplansdepréventionetdecontrôledesépidémiesenfonctiondelasituationréelle

“The district should continue to strengthen case surveillance of people returning from outside the province; require a full medical statement; encouraging people to get tested when they return to their localities; consider stopping harvesting activities. bring people together in 7 to 14 days to prevent epidemics,” the director of the Ministry of Health asked.

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