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What We Read Today: A True Story by Danielle J. Lindemann

In True Story: What Reality TV Says About Us, sociologist and television enthusiast Danielle J. Lindemann takes a long, hard look into the “fun mirror” of this genre.

Reality TV, argues Lindemann, “uniquely reflects our everyday experiences and social topography,” said a review on goodreads.com.

Applying academic research – including studies of inequality, culture and deviance – to specific shows, Lindemann weaves cutting-edge ideas with social theory, humor, pop cultural references and anecdotes of his own. life to show us who we really are.

“By taking reality TV seriously,” True Story argues, “we can better understand key institutions — like families, schools, and prisons — and major social constructs like gender, race, and class.” said the review.

“At once an entertaining chronicle of the obsession with reality TV and a pioneering work of sociology, True Story holds up a mirror to our society: the reflection may not always be pretty, but we cannot deflect the look.”

True Story includes an index, bibliography, endnotes, and author information in a section at the end of the book and in the book.


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