Your opinion: Biden’s policies against Trump


Bill Gerling

Jefferson city

Mr. Editor:

Build a wall between Mexico and the United States with Mexico paying for it; throw out Obamacare and replace it with a better insurance system; renegotiate the deal with Iran to get better terms for the United States; eliminate the nuclear threat from North Korea; working with Congress to pass an infrastructure bill – all broken promises made by former President Donald Trump.

President Joe Biden has stopped building the unnecessary and unnecessary wall that Trump stole money from the Defense Department to build just a few miles away. Biden expanded Obamacare during the pandemic. He is working with our allies and China and Russia to revive the deal with Iran to prevent them from developing nuclear weapons. He worked with Democrats and Republicans to push through the massive infrastructure bill. Thirteen Republicans and 19 in the Senate voted for the bill.

Sadly, Trump has vowed to punish these Republicans by pitting them against their primaries. A bipartisan unsurprising medical billing law was also passed, preventing patients from paying exorbitant out-of-network fees.

Politifact said “a negative coronavirus test is required by the federal government before immigrants enter the United States.” The FBI, the Department of Defense and other agencies participate in the verification process which includes fingerprints and interviews verified against government databases.

There have been influxes of immigrants just like under Trump who wants to enter the United States Title 42 still allows the border patrol to deport immigrants to stop the spread of the coronavirus. To believe that immigrants are bringing crime to the United States, one need only compare border towns with urban areas in the rest of the country. According to Axios, of Brownsville, Texas, to San Diego, crime rates are comparatively lower in cities bordering the United States.

Withdrawing from “eternal wars” like Afghanistan and Vietnam is always calamitous. After losing more than 58,000 troops in Vietnam and 2,401 in Afghanistan, we attempted to evacuate safely. Both involved deaths.

In Vietnam, 155 people died when an evacuation plane crashed as Tan Sun Nhut airport was bombed. Many Vietnamese were evacuated by helicopters from the roof of the US Embassy in Saigon. In both cases, the United States attempted to evacuate as many Vietnamese and Afghans in a short period of time. More than 70,000 Vietnamese and 70,000 Afghans have been evacuated. According to one estimate, only a dozen Americans remain in Afghanistan.

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