Vietnamese artist surpasses Marvel superheroes and arouses suspicion


On January 9, HCMC artist Nguyen Van My, whose stage name is Viet My, posted a video of him sketching character portraits in the Marvel superhero movie, “Spider-Man: No. Way Home,” on his personal TikTok account.

Since then, the video has garnered over 28.6 million views, 3.4 million likes and over 65,000 comments.

Viet My simultaneously draws five Marvel superheroes. Video of the artist

This clip has also been widely shared on many other international social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and others.

Many expressed admiration while some doubted the video was authentic.

“If true, his talent is more amazing than Spiderman. Very admirable,” Bill Dauterive commented on Reddit.

Some said the video was most likely edited. One said “maybe he first drew five pictures and then covered them with something and erased them with a pen to reveal the original drawing”.

Controversy also erupted on My’s Tiktok account with 7.1 million followers, with people asking the artist to post a slower video of the painting process and also the times when drawing mistakes needed to be redone to prove that the video was not a stunt.

“I confirm 100% that the drawings are real and that there were no tricks. This is not the first time that my work has raised suspicions,” said My.

“Those who understand painting understand that drawing using different parts of the body is not too difficult. The artist will visualize all the necessary steps in his head in advance. It is enough to coordinate the movements of the hands and feet to bring the idea to life. Those who do not have a thorough knowledge of fine art will not be able to do the same even if they can draw well or write well with both hands.”

I said that even though the fast forward feature makes the video more lively, it’s understandable that some might find it misleading.

“Actually, I can’t and I didn’t draw all five portraits at once. I pay attention to a painting, first concentrate on finishing the line on it, then quickly move on to next table and I repeat the same process,” he said. Explain.

For example, in 10 seconds, the artist will draw a bit of each image and rotate it until it’s finished, not all five at once.

My said it took him over 10 hours to complete the five portraits and had to redo them three times before he was successful.

The biggest challenge was the left foot. Every time he made a mistake, he had to start over from the beginning. He had to concentrate really hard not to mix up the strokes between the five paintings, My said.

This is not the first time that he has agitated social networks. A previous clip of him making an artwork featuring four Avengers superheroes on a stand also went viral.

Tranh cãi về video vẽ 5 bức tranh cùng lúc của hoạ sĩ Việt

Viet My’s artwork shows four Avengers superheroes from different angles. Video of the artist


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